Little Delights: Music for Cats

Music is not just for humans anymore.

Teyus Music is the company behind Music for Cats and they offer an eclectic range of music to give your cat Pure Delight. The music is based on feline vocal communication and environmental sounds that arouse the interest of cats.

Chances are your cat will enjoy some types of music more than others!
That’s why there are three main styles of music available:

“Cat Ballads” is based on the purr cycle and suckling – just as human music often includes human heartbeat and respiration timing (common time).

“Feline Air” is based on the 29 beats per respiratory cycle of the purr – just as the human moan expresses pleasure or discomfort and is the basis of much human music melody.

“Kitty Ditty” is a quick and lively song that includes
musical representations of environmental sounds that
have been designed to arouse the cat’s interest and

Amazingly, the talented musicians at Teyus Music were able to create these songs without calling on the vocals of our furry feline friends.

For more information and to hear previews of the music click here.
– The Pure Delight Team