Little Delights: Pure Delight Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes

The FANCY FEAST team recently launched a new Royale television commercial. If you haven’t seen the ad it is a celebration of rolling out the red carpet and giving your cat the Royale treatment. We went behind the scenes to discover the secret to creating Pure Delight.

We had to be on set early, around 7am and with over 30 crew members, ranging from animal trainers, make-up artist and food stylists the location was already a buzz.

The hero cat was a beautiful fluffy white long-haired Burmilla named Abigail. So as not to tire her out or cause any stress her actions were kept as short as possible and she had plenty of rest between scenes.

Amazingly, there are no special effects in this commercial. The hero cat and dog lived and trained together for 3 weeks prior to the shoot. During their training, the animals became familiar with the moves required on the day of shooting; climbing down hedges, walking over each other and running over water!

All of the moves were performed simply, the crew placed a solid board over the pool, rolled the carpet over it and the star did the rest. She took to strolling down the red carpet like a movie star.

One trick of the trade is to have plenty of treats, to reward the stars after a great take. To ensure the food looked perfect, two food stylists and an assistant were on hand to plate it up. Luckily they did not have a difficult job as the FANCY FEAST Royale quality ingredients spoke for themselves!

Two variations of the red carpet were used. One was a thicker heavier carpet which was used to add a luxurious effect, whereas the more flexible lighter red carpet was used for the more difficult scenes such as the over the pool & over the dog scenes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out the secrets to making a Royale commercial. Why not make your cat feel extra special with FANCY FEAST Royale.

View the commercial here

– The Pure Delight Team